Case Cares – Giving Back to Our Community

Gratitude. Empathy. Such easy words to say. Harder to really convey it’s how you feel. Even harder emotions to prove. But it truly is what we are feeling, and we are going to prove it.

Our CaseStudy® process involves a lot of work. We need to measure the space, create “as built” drawings, develop lots of ideas, distill them down to the three best options, and illustrate them in a way that a client can understand. Further, we estimate the cost of each option, curate material selections, and determine a timeline and schedule for the project.

After this is done, we meet with the client to discuss the solutions we have developed. It’s very much a working meeting- we collaborate on changes, adjustments, and improvements to the ideas. We also often start to look at product and material options. It’s a home, not a house – it has to be just right. We also take time at this meeting to discussing project budgeting and timelines. These are critically important components of every project.

After this initial discussion, we regroup a week or two later (in person or virtually) to review the updated design scheme. This plan view is typically accompanied by 3D renderings of the space that incorporates the preliminary material selections made at the last meeting. We find this process really helps our clients understand the project.

I tell you this because it’s a lot of work. An average CaseStudy® is 25-40 hours of effort for our team. The Case Study fee helps cover some of these costs. But these are unprecedented times. There are members of our community that are hurting or making great personal sacrifices. They need our help. We want to show gratitude and empathy by donating 100% of CaseStudy® fees.

I must admit, I’m something of a skeptic. Prove it.  OK – here is how we prove that this is a truly a donation.  If you have a project that would benefit from our CaseStudy®  process and decide to proceed, don’t write the check to us. Write it to the organization that you believe is most worthy of your support. We will do the work.

In addition to this, if you proceed to the next step in our process within 60 days, we will donate this same amount again to the local organization of your choice.

We have some ideas of worthy organizations.  You may have thoughts too. This situation has impacted so many- the list of worthy recipients is long. Here are a few ideas:



Feed the Fight:



Greater DC Diaper Bank:

Capital Area Food Bank:

Manna Food Center:

Montgomery County Food Council:

Shepherd’s Table:



Lost Dog and Cat:



Hook Hall Helps:




Bethesda Cares:


If you would like to explore the possibilities within your home, our CaseStudy® process is the perfect place to start. It’s thorough, comprehensive, enlightening, and can be done in person or remotely. And during these challenging times, it gives back to those who are giving so much.

Gratitude. Empathy.

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